ARCOL MSR bare-element resistors serve measurement and control apps



MSR bare-element resistors from ARCOL Resistors have been developed for current sensing and shunt applications in intelligent power systems and instrumentation. The MSR series feature a special alloy element, copper-clad steel leads and welded construction. Built in stand-offs and standard lead spacings make for simple PCB mounting. ARCOL MSR Bare Element Resistors offer values from 0.0005? to 1?, are low inductance (less than 10nH), have a flameproof construction, a TCR of 20ppm/°C and are RoHS Compliant. MSR resistors will operate up to 275°C and have power ratings up to 5W at 85°C. Tony Daly, Sales Manager of ARCOL Resistors, comments, "OEMs increasing need to automate manufacturing and our high power RWS range offer previously unavailable SMD assembly of high power resistors offering time and manufacturing cost savings." ARCOL