ARCOL silicone-coated axial resistor claims excellent price/performance value



ARCOL Resistors, specialists in resistor technology, now offers the ADS silicone-coated axial resistor family as a more competitively priced alternative to their well-established ACS range of resistors. The ADS conformal silicone-ceramic coated resistor offers good power density, stability and durability making it suitable for a broad range of applications including industrial, control and medical systems where it may be used for control of inrush currents, capacitor charge and discharge, as a bleeder resistor and for balancing. The Arcol ADS resistor range is available over the power range 1-10W and with resistance values from 1 to 47K?. Key features of this versatile resistor range are; good heat dissipation, non-flammable silicone coating, RoHS compliance and non-inductive versions available on request. Tony Daly, Sales Manager of ARCOL Resistors, comments; "Our ADS silicone coated axial resistor is a competitively priced alternative to a number or other manufacturer's products, is available on short lead times and with low minimum order requirements." ARCOL