Arrow signs agreement for Cypress Semi's IoT portfolio



WICED Cypress' IoT platform

Arrow Electronics will distribute Cypress Semiconductor’s newly acquired Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio, comprising state-of-the-art Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee RF technologies capable of connecting nearly every emerging product category in the IoT ecosystem – including home appliances, health and fitness monitors, automation and asset tracking systems, smart meters and an array of consumer electronics devices.

“We look forward to leveraging Arrow’s technical, marketing, sales and logistics expertise to enhance Cypress’ already-sizeable footprint in the fast-growing IoT market,” said Kamal Haddad, senior director of worldwide distribution sales at Cypress. “Our expanded relationship with Arrow will help us reach new customers and verticals that are driving exciting new connected technologies forward.”

In addition to distributing Cypress’ new portfolio of advanced, ultra-low-power wireless communication technologies, Arrow will also help Cypress grow its newly acquired Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) brand, which supports the development of IoT devices from conception to production by providing forums, development kits and other information for customers, partners, programmers and other interested parties.

“Cypress’ IoT product portfolio and WICED offering align perfectly to Arrow’s go-to-market strategy – allowing us to bring the most comprehensive IoT technology ecosystem in components and digital technologies to a diverse set of customers around the world,” said Aiden Mitchell, global vice president of IoT sales at Arrow.

Arrow is helping customers in the industrial, retail, life-sciences and smart-cities sectors develop and bring seamless, comprehensive IoT solutions to market. Arrow’s sensor-to-sunset full IoT-product-lifecycle capabilities – called eVolve – draw on the company’s core strengths in sensor and component distribution, enterprise computing and system integration. For startups and makers, Arrow’s broad IoT offerings include services specifically designed to help them advance from idea to product, quickly and cost-effectively.


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