Arrow's LoRa development board speeds long-range IoT product development



LION board

Arrow Electronics has extended its support for developers of Internet of Things (IoT) products with the introduction of the SmartEverything LION board. The LION board supports a range of functions required in an IoT sensing node and enables simple, low power connection to the Cloud via the LoRa protocol. It was developed by Arrow Electronics in association with Axel Elettronica and is designed to simplify and speed the development processes of companies producing nodes for the IoT.

The SmartEverything LION board joins the existing family of development boards from Arrow aimed specifically at developers of IoT applications. These boards include the popular Sigfox-based SmartEverything board launched in February 2015.

LoRa is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in regional, national or global networks. It supports key IoT requirements including secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services. The standard provides seamless interoperability among smart devices without the need for complex local installations.

The LION board is based on the Arduino form factor and incorporates a Microchip LoRa module. It features STMicroelectronics sensors for proximity, humidity, temperature and acceleration and includes a Microchip Bluetooth Low Energy interface for short-range connectivity, together with an external shield featuring NXP NFC Ntag I2C interface for authentication and ST I2C Sensor like Temperature, humidity, Proximity, and Axis.

Another external shield by Analog Devices is available with Temperature, precision AXIS and GAS sensor perfect for IOT applications. An Atmel ARM Cortex-M0+ based CPU USB Host orchestrator chip manages all traffic between peripherals. Atmel-based crypto authentication enables implementation of a full security algorithm with message authentication code (MAC). A Telit GPS with embedded antenna supports localization. Dynaflex 868MHz antenna and Linear Technology power management devices are also incorporated.

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