AspectSolar named honoree for International CES Innovation Award



Consumer technology company AspectSolar was named as an honoree for the International CES Innovation Award. The start-up solar power company is brand new on the portable power scene and they're already making waves in the market. Their SunSocket™ Solar Generator, the device recognized for its innovation and engineering, is a powerful and portable solar generator system that brings high-efficiency energy to anyone who uses it. The CES show is right around the corner and with new products coming out each month, AspectSolar is looking forward to showcasing their full line of solar solutions in Las Vegas, Nevada, this January.

Each year, CES judges hundreds of applications to determine which products are the most innovative consumer electronics going on the market. Because it's impossible to judge whether a computer or a renewable energy resource is more innovative, CES includes a range of product categories for their Innovation Award. These include Portable Power and Tech For A Better World, which wouldn't compete with their new 3-D Printing and Wearable Technologies categories. The SunSocket™ Solar Generator was judged on its technical specifications, aesthetic qualities, and how it enhances the user's life. To win and be recognized as an honoree, it must achieve high scores in its submission category and truly stand out as an innovative product that will make an impact in the industry.

The SunSocket™ Solar Generator is a new kind of solar generator designed to optimize energy converted into electricity. It is the first and only solar consumer product to use SUNTRAX™ sun-tracking technology to trace the path of the sun across the sky throughout the day. Once set-up, the solar generator automatically rotates and finds the optimal position to be exposed to the most sunlight. Then it continues to adjust its position as the hours go by. With sun-tracking technology, the SunSocket™ Solar Generator achieves up to 30% more efficiency throughout the day thus charging its own tremendous battery in only 5 hours of sunlight, as fast as wall charging.

Hidden inside the solar generator is a 250Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, unlike most other portable generators, which utilize heavy and inefficient lead-acid batteries. The LiFePO4 technology achieves a higher power-to-weight ratio, and is very safe as it has no thermal runoff. And though the SunSocket™ Solar Generator includes a built-in 60W sun-tracking PV array and 250Wh battery, it folds up into a briefcase and weighs a mere 25 pounds.

"When you are designing products with the purpose of making a difference in the world, you aren't thinking about how to win awards," says Andrew Goei, Director of Sales & Marketing. "It is truly an honor to have a product recognized by the Consumer Electronic Association for its innovation."

Andrew and Gerry Demple, VP of Operations, went to New York for the CES Unveiled event on Tuesday November 12th, the first of several stops on their CES tour. It all ramps up to their exhibition booth at the International CES show in Las Vegas from January 7th to 10th. There, they present alongside giants of the television and mobile phone markets. AspectSolar is going to the show to make an impact, and have their product rank among the most innovative technologies ever presented at CES: the VCR, camcorder, CD player, HDTV, and Blu-Ray Disc. This is only the first major media event for AspectSolar of many more to come.

Here is a video of the tech in action: