Astrodyne TDI's digitally-programmable DC source provides 3.8kW of regulated power



Mercury-Flex digitally programmable AC/DC power supply

Astrodyne TDI, a developer and manufacturer of specialized power solutions, now offers the Mercury-Flex digitally programmable AC/DC power supply that provides 3,800 W of regulated power and can operate as either a current or voltage source up to 400 V or 170 A. The modular 3.8 kW Mercury-Flex is hot-swappable enabling maximum uptime.


Ideal for industrial applications that require a flexible, digitally-controlled industrial power supply with a universal voltage range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC and a 50/60 Hz single-phase input, the Mercury-Flex is offered in a variety of adjustable DC output voltage range models including 0-28 V, 0-56 V, 0-85 V, 0-125 V and 0-400 V.

The advanced power conversion techniques of this reliable unit delivers efficiency up to 93%, with a power factor of 0.97 or better, helping to lower energy requirements and heat dissipation. Its 14 VDC auxiliary output is useful for powering miscellaneous user circuits.

By using the digital CAN-Bus or Ethernet interface, Mercury-Flex can be factory pre-set or field-programmed to operate in three different modes - constant voltage, constant current or constant power. The unit's digital read-back feature shows output voltage and current values, operating temperature and protection alarm status.

For applications that require higher power, the Mercury-Flex rectifiers can be easily connected to parallel current sharing groups through a four module shelf assembly. This enables designs of upwards to 228 kW in a single universal 19" rack (30U).

As with most of Astrodyne TDI's production units, this modular power supply is subjected to highly accelerated stress testing (HASS) to ensure maximum field reliability. Designed and built in Astrodyne TDI's ISO9001 certified factory, the unit is in compliance with NAVSO P3641A guidelines.

Technical Specifications
Universal input voltage range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC
Programmable output voltage up to 400 V
Programmable output current up to 170 A
50/60 Hz single-phase input
3.8 kW of regulated DC power
Ethernet or CAN digital interface

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