Astrodyne TDI's rugged, lightweight digitally-controlled test rectifier has cathodic protection



Lightweight Test Rectifier

Astrodyne TDI, a leading developer and manufacturer of specialized power solutions, has introduced a rugged and portable test rectifier. The Lightweight Test Rectifier (LTR), part of the Defender product line, is designed to test impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) installation sites.

Weighing less than 25 pounds and housed in a durable, compact case, this new unit can easily be carried into the field for testing. Astrodyne TDI’s LTR offers up to 50 V and 50 A of maximum DC output. The unit’s full digital control provides the user with unlimited output interruption configurations.

The LTR provides advanced ICCP field testing capabilities through an intuitive user interface. The system is equipped with both manual and automatic interrupt control to accommodate a variety of field testing needs as well as a user defined on and off time for precise output interruption.

Bright LED displays are used to keep output values visible even in direct sunlight. Output test points are provided for shunt measurements.

Astrodyne TDI Defender series of ICCP products provides advanced high frequency switching power supplies to the cathodic protection market. LTR incorporates rugged power electronics in a portable form factor for easy transport and use in a wide array of field locations.

Technical Specifications

Up to 50 V and 50 A maximum DC output
Lightweight, weighing less than 25 pounds

Astrodyne TDI