Atmel’s low-power SAM D10/D11 microcontrollers now at Mouser



Mouser Electronics is now shipping the SAM D10 and SAM D11 SMART ARM-Based Microcontrollers from Atmel. The SAM D10/D11 are low-power microcontrollers based on a 32-bit ARM Cortex -M0+ processor operating at a maximum frequency of 48MHz. The SAM D10/D11 microcontrollers boast a rich set of peripherals, flexibility, and ease-of-use at a low entry cost, making them ideal for a wide range of general-purpose uses, including home automation, consumer, metering, and industrial applications.

Atmel SAM D10 and SAM D11 devices, available at Mouser Electronics, integrate high-precision 12-bit analog and internal oscillators, two 16-bit timer/counters, one timer/counter for control applications, real-time performance, and flexible clocking options and sleep modes. The devices include a 6-channel DMA controller supporting both memory and peripheral data transfers. The SAM D10D and D11D devices also include three (two in the SAM D11C) serial communication modules (SERCOM) that can be configured from the application to act as an USART, UART, SPI, and I2C interface.

The SAM D11 also includes a Full-Speed USB 2.0 Device interface. Both devices incorporate the Atmel QTouch Peripheral Touch Controller, which offers built-in hardware support for buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity, and supports both mutual- and self-capacitive touch without the need for external components. The devices also feature market-leading power-saving techniques, including an event system that allows peripherals to communicate directly with each other without involving the CPU.

The Atmel SAM D10/D11 devices provide in-system programmable Flash, six-channel direct memory access (DMA) controller, programmable interrupt controller, and up to 22 programmable I/O pins. The devices are supported by a full suite of program and system development tools, including C compilers, macro assemblers, program debugger/simulators, programmers and evaluation kits.

SAM D10/D11

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