August energy industry roundup from Energy Solutions Forum

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The August ESF Roundup of select ESF Research news and industry events feature the EnerCom Oil & Gas Conference, happening in Denver, CO, next week. Last month brought a wide range of activity, from two huge energy market manipulation fines and multiple EPA court hearings, to hydraulic fracturing, offshore wind, and climate change studies. ESF Research examined the details and implications of the recent developments. Select research featured below: Washington D.C. Update: Clean Energy Financing: Proposed Policy Options to Incentivize Capital Investment in New Technologies - on July 18, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on clean energy financing. Read more Industry headlines JPMorgan Agrees to $410 Million Fine for Electricity Market Manipulation read more Study finds BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule to Cost $345 Million read more House Panel Votes to Restrain Major EPA Rules read more FERC Fines Barclays Bank for Electricity Market Manipulation read more President Obama Unveils Comprehensive Climate Agenda read more DOE Lab Releases Preliminary Statement on Hydraulic Fracturing Study read more FERC Order Increases Opportunity for Energy Storage read more NY State Awards Funding for 79 New Solar Energy Projects read more DOE Examines Climate Change Impact on Energy Sector read more Upcoming events This month ESF will attend the EnerCom Oil & Gas Conference next week in Denver, Colorado. The annual 4-day summit connects oil and gas companies with investors and analysts, showcasing hundreds of companies who will present their latest developments and innovations. Energy Solutions Forum