AutoGrid Systems' Demand Response Optimization & Management System & OpenDR VTN Server fully comply with OpenADR2.0b



AutoGrid Systems, a leader in Big Data analytics for the energy industry, announced that its flagship software application, Demand Response Optimization and Management System (DROMS), and its embedded OpenDR Server 2.0 have been certified for full compliance with the OpenADR 2.0b profile specification. AutoGrid's OpenDR Server2.0 is available both as a standalone VTN server as well as integrated within DROMS, a turnkey, software-based demand response solution. The OpenADR2.0b compliant DROMS application is immediately available worldwide in multiple time zones and locales. The cloud-based OpenDR Server 2.0 is also available for integration into other third party applications through its web-based APIs providing a cost-effective mechanism for service providers to offer support for OpenADR communications in existing systems. AutoGrid's DROMS system is the only demand response and dynamic price program management system that can simultaneously support connections to devices supporting OpenADR1.0, OpenADR2.0a, OpenADR2.0b, Smart Energy Profile 2.0 and a number of other proprietary and legacy protocols across the Internet or Smart Meter networks. DROMS provides a seamless upgrade path for utilities and services providers to move to the more powerful OpenADR2.0 standard without creating stranded assets from their existing DR programs that utilize older technologies. DROMS also provides more flexibility to our customers' customers to be able to choose the device they want, boosting both the adoption rates, and end-user satisfaction and participation levels when they participate in demand response. "AutoGrid's DROMS is the only 100% hardware-vendor neutral demand response server in the market today," said Dr. Amit Narayan, AutoGrid's CEO. "AutoGrid doesn't build or sell hardware of its own, which means that our ecosystem partners can work with us as they bring their hardware and service offerings to the market assured that we will not compete with them by offering overlapping products," said Dr. Amit Narayan. AutoGrid's technology is already compatible with software, and hardware based on either OpenADR 1.0 or OpenADR 2.0a and other legacy and proprietary technologies from over 100 companies. By providing a unified view of all resources available to utilities and service providers across their residential, commercial and industrial programs, DROMS is able to achieve higher yield from these programs and enable them to seamlessly transition to the latest standards. "As an Alliance Board Member, AutoGrid is at the forefront of the creation of an open standards based ecosystem that benefits all players," said Rolf Bienert Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance. "Using a standardized platform, utilities and their customers can much more readily access technology that will continue to further the growth of demand response and energy efficiency markets." Fujitsu's VEN also received the OpenADR 2.0b certification. AutoGrid's VTN server was able to send signals to Fujitsu's VEN, demonstrating interoperability. "AutoGrid has created a software tool that provides value and compatibility with an increasingly important standard," said Dr. Ulrich Herberg, Researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories of America Solutions for Electricity Distribution Networks. "We are thrilled to be leading the market with cutting edge standards together." DROMS is transforming the DR market by replacing proprietary infrastructure with open standards based software delivered through an ultra-scalable, highly secure, and reliable cloud-based service. DROMS cuts the cost of implementing demand response programs by up to 90 percent while increasing the "yield" in electrical power by 30 percent or more. Additionally, DROMS can fine-tune power consumption continually, not just during peak power events. It has been tested to simultaneously support over one million OpenADR clients, making it the only software solution that can be deployed equally effectively for small pilots as well as large-scale deployments across residential, industrial and commercial customers. Last week, Austin Energy also announced the first live field implementation of OpenADR2.0 standard using AutoGrid's DROMS system. "AutoGrid's decision to embrace OpenADR 2.0b is further evidence of the value of this open standard to multiple stakeholders. As OpenADR 2.0b gains momentum national and internationally, companies like AutoGrid will continue to make automated demand response more pervasive and cost effective," said OpenADR pioneer Mary Ann Piette, Research Director, Demand Response Research Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. AutoGrid OpenADR Alliance