Automatic axis bus simplifies cross-communication between Lenze 8400 TopLine inverter drives



Lenze Americas, a leading global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, has improved the functionality of its 8400 TopLine inverter drives, which now include an automatic axis bus system and special function blocks for speed and angle synchronization. Available from HPI Sales, the new 8400 TopLine inverter drive automatic axis bus works with the standard CAN system bus and fits seamlessly into servo applications. The 8400 TopLine inverter drive also supports SinCos absolute encoders (Hiperface®) and SinCos encoders. "Simplicity and flexibility of configuration are clear advantages of the enhanced 8400 TopLine inverter drives. The axis bus enables easy construction of direct and cascade configurations. This optimizes the bus bandwidth through synchronization at the hardware level," states Craig Dahlquist, senior applications engineer, Lenze Americas. HPI Sales