Automotive varistors tout high current and energy handling



Stackpole Electronics, through its strategic alliance with KEKO Varicon, announces the AVL Series of radial leaded automotive varistors, designed to protect automotive level electrical systems from transient voltage events. The AVL Series is designed specifically to protect 12V, 24V, and 42V automotive electrical systems. This series has a one-time load dump energy handling of up to 100J and can handle up to 2000 amps peak. The AVL Series is a great choice for a wide range of automotive applications and motor controls and is UL 1449 certified under file no. E221545 Section 7. The AVL Series is available in tape and reel, ammo, and bulk packaging. Pricing varies with size and voltage and ranges from $0.41 to $0.85 each in full package quantities. Stackpole Electronics