AVID Technologies launches Qi dev tools supporting WPC medium power standards



Qi FOD Transmitter

AVID Technologies, a comprehensive provider of advanced electronic products and design services, released Qi Wireless Power development tools that will support the Medium Power (15Watt) extension of the Wireless Power Consortium standards. Initial offerings will include a medium power test receiver, a medium power FOD (foreign object detection) test receiver and a new version of AVID's Qi Sniffer device that supports the medium power extensions. AVID will also release medium power transmitter and medium power FOD transmitter products soon.

AVID’s Medium Power Qi Receiver Simulator has the same programmable functions as the low power version with some added test modes specific to the medium power specifications.

AVID’s factory-calibrated medium power FOD Receiver is designed to emulate the Medium Power FOD reference receiver defined by the WPC.

AVID’s Qi Sniffer has the same capabilities as the previous version, but will also recognize and decode new communications packets defined for the medium power extension. Existing Qi Sniffer devices will be upgradable by downloading and installing software updates and purchasing a license key from AVID.

Orders are being accepted. The Medium Power Receiver Simulator and Medium Power FOD Receiver devices will be available next month. Qi Sniffer devices and software upgrades with medium power support will be available by end of Q3.

FOD Transmitter and FOD Receiver devices