Avnet Embedded Adds M2M Device Intelligence from ILS Technology to Americas Offering



Avnet Embedded, a division of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, a business region of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT) announced today the addition of ILS Technology to its Americas offering. Avnet Embedded will carry the ILS Technology deviceWISE M2M Deployment Kit and deviceWISE M2M Application Platform. As the growth of intelligent systems continues to rise, utilization of machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity will become even more pronounced. Avnet Embedded can now provide customers with a means for edge-to-enterprise enablement across various devices and through the cloud. The deviceWISE M2M Deployment Kit (powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor) enables customers to quickly implement monitoring and predictive maintenance applications that securely connect and intelligently exchange data instantly from devices to existing enterprise applications. All of this on a global scale with no custom programming required. "We are pleased to partner with Avnet to simplify the deployment of new M2M solutions," said Fred Yentz, chief executive officer of ILS Technology. "Together we offer a quick way to validate the business case for M2M, as well as enable support across Avnet's broad spectrum of embedded devices to provide the ultimate choice for full scale rollouts." "The complexity of intelligent system deployment requires intricate coordination of hardware, software and service providers," said Chuck Kostalnick, senior vice president of Avnet Embedded. "The ability to offer ILS products, coupled with Avnet's superior integration and supply-chain services expertise, will help propel OEM and enterprise customers' designs to market faster." To find out more, or to purchase ILS products, visit the Avnet Electronics Marketing website. About ILS Technology ILS Technology provides the world's leading ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to the devices and machines on which businesses depend. ILS Technology solutions are easy to deploy to any device without the need for months of complex programming or development. ILS Technology offers unparalleled security to protect company and customer data and ensure regulatory compliance. ILS Technology is a Park-Ohio (NASDAQ: PKOH) company. Visit www.ilstechnology.com for more information. About Avnet Electronics Marketing Avnet Electronics Marketing is an operating group of Phoenix-based Avnet, Inc. that serves electronic original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers in more than 70 countries, distributing electronic components from leading manufacturers and providing associated design-chain and supply-chain services. The group's website is located at www.em.avnet.com