Avnet Embedded microsite opens the door to Windows® Embedded Server



Avnet Embedded, an Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) company, today announced the extension of its pan-European website, http://www.avnet-embedded.eu, to include a new microsite (www.avnet-embedded.eu/server) dedicated to Microsoft Windows® Embedded Server operating system products and applications. There are dedicated sections devoted to designing embedded server appliances for retail, video surveillance and security, medical equipment (imaging, diagnostics), industrial control, network equipment and telecom operations. The focus on embedded server business at Avnet Embedded has increased dramatically in the past few months, since the arrival of James Stannard, Embedded Server business development manager at Avnet Embedded, in September 2010. Nick Donaldson, director of Software at Avnet Embedded, said, "In recent times we have realised that a high number of OEM partners are using the generic commercial server products and this is costing their business time and money. The biggest issue we face is awareness of the embedded versions of Windows® Embedded Server licensing in the market across all our regions in EMEA. Our investment in the server business started with James joining the team and has reached new levels with this microsite". The new Avnet Embedded microsite supports OEMs building server appliances, and IT managers or systems integrators with task- or industry-specific embedded server applications. Visitors are provided with extensive guidance on the licensing options available for Windows® Embedded Server. A key feature is the product chooser that advises visitors on the best solution based on the scale, complexity and specific requirements of their application. Stannard explained the reasoning behind creating a special area for embedded server technology, saying, "Our customers are very familiar with the Avnet Embedded range of Microsoft solutions for the client or device side but remain unaware of the availability of specific embedded solutions on the server side, too. All too often, customers choose commercial Windows server licenses by default, without realising that they are paying for services and functions the application doesn't need - and incurring cost penalties as a consequence. By using Windows® Embedded Server, customers can achieve savings in both up-front cost and total cost of ownership, speed up deployment at the end user and enable customisation of the Windows product that is impossible in other channels. Our microsite will raise awareness of this family of products and help customers begin their journey toward a better embedded server solution." Embedded Server is a family of Microsoft Windows® Server products that present the full versions of the classic software only with licensing and customisation tools tailored for embedded appliances. Featuring seamless active directory integration, common development software and management tools, it brings enterprise-level interoperability at lower cost than the classic option, and enables rapid deployment at the end user. About Avnet Embedded Avnet Embedded is a product business group within Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, an operating region of Avnet, Inc., (NYSE: AVT). Avnet Embedded was created to serve the industrial market with displays, embedded computing hardware, software, networking and wireless products. The group also provides customers with finished or customised products and training, system integration and ODM services through its European technical centres and partners. Avnet Embedded works with a range of leading product manufacturers and technical partners to provide the best product solution to meet its customers' specific requirements. Further information is available at www.avnet-embedded.eu