Avnet offers on-demand technical sessions in 4th Annual Virtual Power Forum



Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, a business region of Avnet, is hosting the fourth annual Power Forum, with on-demand, in-depth, free webinars for designers of all levels. The industry’s leading power technology suppliers have come together to address challenging design topics, look at top market trends and find solutions that can be applied immediately in real-world design.

Engineers can choose from more than 20 in-depth technical webinars to explore on their own time, and propel their designs to the next level. Registration is open now: http://bit.ly/17Goipy

“This is a unique opportunity for engineers, from beginner to advanced, to expand their knowledge about power electronics and learn from Avnet’s experts as well as our supplier partners,” said Chris Cooper, technology director, power, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “Designers can watch these trainings and discover solutions they can apply immediately to their projects.”

The technical webinars featured during Avnet’s Power Forum will explore a wide variety of power electronics design topics such as:

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Mitigation
Digital Power
Advanced Point-of-Load Power Architectures
Designing Li-Ion Battery Packs
LED Lighting Safety
Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductors

Avnet Power Forum