AVX develops new 4-leaded DC-link film capacitor series for power applications


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Available in capacitances of 3.3 to 75 ?F

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AVX's FE series DC-link capacitors are available in capacitances of 3.3 to 75 ?F

AVX has developed a new series of polypropylene dielectric DC-link film capacitors. The new 4-leaded FE Series capacitors utilize a low-loss film technology, feature voltage ratings up to 1.2 kV, and are attractive for DC power supplies and inverters for solar power, electric drive, and industrial power systems. "The new 4-leaded FE Series DC-link capacitors combine the self-healing properties of the dielectric with low loss film technology to ensure long lifetimes and low thermal losses in power applications," said Chris Reynolds, technical marketing manager at AVX. Available in eight cases sizes with three standard lead pitch options—27.5, 37.5, and 52.5 mm—the new FE Series DC-link film capacitors feature a voltage range of 550 to 1200 V, a capacitance range of 3.3 to 75 ?F, and are operational in temperatures spanning -40 to +100°C. Average lead time is 15 weeks. AVX