AVX introduces new high-temp solutions catalog



AVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced its first applications-based catalog, the new High Temperature Solutions catalog, which provides engineers with detailed information about the various passive component solutions that AVX specifically designs, manufactures, and qualifies for exceptional performance in high temperature applications up to 250°C, including down-hole oil exploration, military, and aerospace.

Well organized, effectively illustrated, and easily navigable, the new High Temperature Solutions catalog contains at-a-glance product line previews and full product datasheets for high performance, high temperature components including: tantalum capacitors, surface mount ceramic capacitors, switched mode power supply (SMPS) capacitors, glass capacitors, RF/microwave capacitors, circuit protection and signal integrity devices, NTC thermistors, and advanced EMI filters. It also includes application notes intended to help engineers implement AVX products in applications within extreme temperature, high pressure, and high mechanical stress down-hole environments, which have always been some of the toughest for passive components.

“The demand for components designed for use in extreme environmental conditions has continued to increase year after year, and the evolution of temperature-critical applications has generated a need for components capable of enduring temperatures approaching or exceeding 250°C,” said Edgardo Menendez, Field Applications Engineer at AVX. “AVX offers an array of components that undergo thorough testing to ensure that they both fulfill the stringent requirements of high temperature, harsh environment applications and provide the exceptional, high-reliability performance that our customers both expect and trust.”

High Temperature Solutions catalog