AVX introduces reliability assessment & testing process for tantalum capacitors



AVX, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has developed an innovative and extremely effective new process for the manufacture and test of high-reliability tantalum capacitors. Initially introduced to influential members of the military and aerospace industries at a Tantalum Hi-Rel Symposium held in Biddeford, Maine this January, AVX's new Q-Process was also detailed in a technical paper presented at the Capacitor and Resistor Technical Symposium (CARTS) International conference in Houston, Texas on March 26. Well received by participants in both events, the Q-Process stands poised to replace the Weibull Reliability Assessment as the industry standard for tantalum capacitors. Driven by MIL standards and used to characterize the reliability of tantalum capacitors for decades, Weibull has become less relevant in recent years due to widespread improvements in manufacturing and testing technology. "We are very grateful to everyone who participated in the symposium and are glad to have had the opportunity to share ideas about the design, manufacture, and test of tantalum capacitors so that we may continue to develop the Q-Process to ensure the best performance in all mission critical applications," said Allen Mayar, Tantalum Product Marketing Manager at AVX. AVX's highly effective new Q-Process has received a provisional patent and is now available for small case size medical grade tantalum capacitors. The Q-Process is slated to be available for military and aerospace product lines later this year. AVX