AVX releases vertical single-poke WTB contacts for harsh applications



AVX 9296 Series vertical WTB contacts

AVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has further expanded its innovative series of single poke home wire-to-board (WTB) contacts with a new family of vertical top and bottom entry contacts. Featuring high spring force, dual beam, phosphor bronze contacts, AVX’s new vertical 9296 Series provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention in a wide variety of harsh industrial applications without the added expense of an insulator and its associated assembly costs. Enabling individual placement and both top and bottom wire entry for FR4 and metal core PCBs, the 9296 Series vertical poke home contacts also enhance design flexibility by significantly expanding the range of options for bringing discrete power, signal, or ground lines onto a PCB.

Cost effective, robust, and capable of supporting solid and stranded wires ranging from 18AWG to 24AWG, current ratings ranging from 7A to 12A, and temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C, the new 9296 single poke home vertical WTB contacts are ideal for use in smart grid meters, breakers, and panels; solid-state lighting (SSL)/LED bulbs, fixtures, signage, and streetlights; machine controls, including motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans, and pumps; and commercial building controls such as security and fire sensors.

“Our new 9296 Series vertical top or bottom entry contacts provide designers with a robust, reliable, and repeatable wire-to-board termination process that replaces both expensive two piece connectors and the labor intensive process of hand soldering wires to PCBs,” said Tom Anderson, Product Manager at AVX.

Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement, the RoHS-compliant 9296 Series vertical WTB contacts are made of phosphor bronze contact materials with tin over nickel plating and provide five-cycle durability. Enabling simple wire insertion and twist and pull removal, the series also facilitates easy replacement. Voltage ratings for the series are based on placement distance between the individual contacts and current ratings are dependent upon wire gauge: 18AWG = 12A, 20AWG = 10A, 22AWG = 8A, and 24AWG = 7A.