AVX to present at CMSE 2015



AVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has been invited to present three technical presentations and chair a conference session at the 19th annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition (CMSE 2015), which will take place March 2–4, 2015 at the Concourse Hotel in Los Angeles.

Recognized as the most comprehensive conference dedicated to successful practices for the use of both military and COTS components in military and space systems, CMSE addresses topics including testing, reliability, and supply chain, and emphasizes advancements in electronic component technology and design practices. CMSE 2015 will consist of a day-long, 10-presentation tutorial session on component engineering, a keynote presentation on key concerns facing military electronics, and six technical training sessions, three of which will feature an AVX presentation, and one of which will be chaired by AVX fellow and member of the CMSE Program Committee, Ron Demcko.

“We are extremely pleased to have again been invited to participate in the technical training sessions at CMSE, and I am honored to be chairing the Qualification and Best Practices session,” said AVX Fellow Ron Demcko. “CMSE is created by engineers for engineers and product management, and is dedicated to sharing information about and addressing and solving issues pertaining to military and space components. As such, it is an honor and a privilege to be invited to participate in such an important, industry-shaping event.”

Sessions 1, 2, and 3 will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. In Session 1: Components Construction and Application, Michael Conway, Ron Demcko, Frank Hodgkinson, and John Marshall of AVX will present “Base Metal Electrode Capacitors for Space Level Applications,” which will provide attendees with updated information about BME testing and reliability, and the advanced dielectrics, metals, and processing that have enabled the creation of BME components that are just as reliable as precious metal electrode (PME) components.

Following, Ron Demcko will chair Session 2: Qualification and Best Practices. Then, in Session 3: Testing and Reliability Assessment Practices, Ron Demcko will present “Ni Electrode for Auto Grade and High Reliability,” in which he will discuss the differences between various grades of Ni electrode capacitor types from a design and processing aspect, the wide range of such capacitors available for automotive applications, and auto-plus devices, which use automotive capacitors as a starting point to satisfy even more demanding applications.

Sessions 4: Traceability for Authentic Components, 5: Supply Chain and Obsolescence Issues, and 6: Reliability Analysis and Passives will take place on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. AVX representatives Ron Demcko, Nic Billig, and Stan Cygan will present the final AVX contribution to the conference, “SMPS Capacitor Technology Update: A Configuration, Performance and Application Update of Currently Available Stacked SMPS Capacitors,” in Session 6.7. This presentation will address the range of SMPS capacitors now available to designers and their advantages relative to other circuit solutions, as well as outline current trends regarding manufacture and use options.

Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition