AVX’s latest SMT tantalum capacitors tout high reliability and minimal DC leakage



TMJ S1gma Series SMD tantalum capacitors

AVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced the TMJ S1gma Series of high-reliability SMD tantalum capacitors, which offer three levels of next-generation statistical screening and process control enhancement for applications that require both exceedingly high reliability and extremely low DC leakage current (DCL). Twice as reliable as basic commercial tantalum capacitors, the new TMJ S1gma Series capacitors feature an impressively scant baseline part failure rate of < 0.5% per 1,000 hours at 85°C and rated volts. Available with DCL limits of 0.001CV (on selected codes) and 0.005CV, TMJ S1gma Series capacitors also exhibit the lowest DCL of any existing tantalum capacitor currently on the market, making them ideal for a variety of avionics, medical, safety system, and long-life battery operated circuit applications, such as remote wireless modules.

Statistical screening for the TMJ S1gma SMD tantalum capacitor series is available in three levels: S1gma Prime, S1gma Premium, and S1gma Pro Custom. S1gma Prime uses three electrical screenings to remove maverick parts from the distribution. S1gma Premium utilizes AVX’s patented Q-Process in addition to the three S1gma Prime screenings to effectively identify and remove any components that may experience excessive parametric shifts or instability in operation; and S1gma Pro Custom can employ one or both of the three S1gma Prime and Q-Process screening techniques to identify and remove parts according to specific custom parameters. The series’ 0.001CV limit can only be attained via S1gma Premium and S1gma Pro Custom screening on selected codes.

“Our new TMJ S1gma Series tantalum capacitors provide engineers with twice the reliability of basic tantalum capacitors and the lowest DCL of any other tantalum capacitors currently available,” said Allen Mayar, product marketing manager at AVX. “Additionally, the three levels of advanced S1gma statistical screening provide critical process control enhancements specifically designed for professional applications with stringent reliability and extremely low DCL requirements.”

TMJ S1gma Series high-reliability SMD tantalum capacitors are available in six case sizes spanning EIA 1206-2924, seven rated voltages spanning 6.3-50VDC, and with capacitance values spanning 0.22-680μF. Low and standard ESR value options are also available. Rated for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C, TMJ S1gma Series capacitors feature a capacitance tolerance of ±10% and come packaged with RoHS-compliant pure tin (Sn) plated terminations on 7” reels or non-RoHS tin/lead (Sn/Pb) plated terminations on 7” reels. Lead time for the series is 8-12 weeks.