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Baden-Württemberg state government recognises resource efficiency in circuit board production


The production of circuit boards by the Niedernhall-based company Würth Elektronik, has been declared an excellent example of resource efficiency by the Baden-Württemberg state government.


Franz Untersteller, Baden-Württemberg’s environment, climate and energy minister, praised the company for their use of etchant recycling during production. Etching is quite an involved chemical process that removes and regains copper during the manufacture of printed circuit boards.


The “100 Companies for Resource Efficiency” project was launched by the state agency for environmental technology and resource efficiency in 2015. Since then, a total of 100 companies have been recognised for their resource efficiency, as well as for outstanding practices regarding the use of materials and energy. In Stuttgart, State Environment Minister Franz Untersteller presented the award to Daniel Klein, Managing Director of Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology.


The “100 Companies for Resource Efficiency” project is part of the “Alliance for Increased Resource Efficiency,” which was introduced by the state of Baden-Württemberg and various umbrella organisations within the industry. This year’s awards ceremony, however, marked the end of the project.

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