Battery Charger & Management System Includes Data Storage, Analysis, & Reporting



VPW introduces the Venom BCMS-PRO, a next-generation Battery Charging & Management System (BCMS). The 720 Watt / 4-Bay 6U / 19 inch rack-mount system provides one-touch charging and capture of historical battery data for actionable health statistics of your batteries.

The BCMS-PRO houses four hot-swap battery trays capable of charging at 2.5-26.1 VDC and 0.1-22 AMPS (not to exceed 180 Watts) with an LED charging indicator. Each battery tray is thermally conductive with internal fan and can be configured to fit practically any battery package and chemistry. Over Temp / Over Voltage / Over Current / Cell Imbalance circuits with a coupled fume / flame exhaust system that can withstand catastrophic battery failure protect your batteries and operators from unsafe conditions.

The BCMS-PRO system front panel provides front panel on/off switch, LCD Display for charging level of each tray, Charge or Discharge operation buttons and convenient front panel USB Power outlets for accessories. The rear panel provides for a 20 Amp IEC-320 Inlet for Input AC, USB-B Interface Connector to connect to BCMS Software and a fume / flame exhaust vent. The system operates with Universal AC Input with an operating temperature range of 0 ~ +45°C operation.

The BCMS plug-and-play software offers immense control in tailoring charging parameters and data collection to capture all possible data relating to battery health and historical usage data to satisfy advanced reporting compliance of modern battery-powered fleets.

Systems are in stock and available through VPW at a base price of $5,499 each and supported by a one year warranty. Please see for specifications, drawings and safety documentation.