Battery-Charging Solution with Innovative Power Management



Figure 1: Traditional IC Charger and Boost Converter

The MP2696A from MPS is a single-cell power management IC with flexible configuration, rich functions, and high efficiency. The MP2696A integrates as many analog circuits as possible, and operates with a simple, economical single-chip microcontroller (MCU) to provide an incredibly compact solution for mobile power products.

Compared to a traditional solution, it can save one switching charger, one inductor, and one USB interface IC for the customers.

The MP2696A offers a number of features that improve efficiency and performance:

  • Ÿ Bidirectional operation mode to support charge and discharge using single inductor
  • Ÿ Integrated pass-through path with protection and independent control
  • Ÿ Programmable JEITA battery temperature protection thresholds
  • Ÿ Integrated FETs with low conduction resistance
  • Ÿ Integrated programmable input current limit and input voltage limit
  • Ÿ Automatically enters sleep mode when no load is connected
  • Ÿ Automatically INT output when a smartphone is connected
  • Ÿ Integrated enumeration interface to output maximum power for smartphone

The MP2696A communicates with the MCU through the I2C interface. It is capable of bidirectional operation in charge mode or boost discharge mode, which makes it very suitable for power bank and charging case applications. The operation mode and parameters can be flexibly set by the MCU. The operation status and any fault event are also indicated through status and fault registers.

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