Battery-free wireless switch tag tracks open/close status



The X1GLADIO from Farsens is a battery-free RFID switch. These tags are compatible with commercial EPC C1G2 readers and communicate a unique ID and the associated switch status data without the need of battery supply on the sensor tags. The tag comes in a variety of antenna designs and sizes to adapt the performance to the required application. The reading distance for the battery free pressure sensor tag is around 2.5 meters (8 feet) and it can be embedded in a wide variety of materials such as plastics or concrete. The device features one of three different connectors for users to connect their switch: a 2.00mm Pitch SIL Latched Vertical Pin Header, a 2.00mm Pitch Male 1x2 Header or just the 1x2 Header Footprint (pitch 2.00mm). The fact that the sensor is full passive allows for a wide range of opportunities. It makes the battery free switch sensor ideal for hardly accessible or restricted areas and those where the use of batteries is not recommended. Since batteries are not needed, the switch tags will never have to worry about autonomy. The X1GLADIO is best used in applications where monitoring of open/closed or connected/disconnected components is needed. Often times in electric/electronic installations there is a need to check if wires are correctly connected. Using the X1GLADIO, a single readout with a handheld reader will update the status on your database. There is also the possibility of using multiple switches with a single RFID tag. Evaluation kits are available. Farsens designs and manufactures full passive RFID sensor solutions. Their proprietary UHF RFID IC allows Farsens to develop long range solutions for asset tracking - via the unique ID - and monitoring - via the attached sensor - without the need of any battery on the tag. Farsens