Battery Presence Monitor Indicates Whether the Backup Battery is Connected to the System


Battery Charging & Management

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ABSOPULSE Electronics' BPM 300-F0 is a compact battery presence monitor designed to indicate whether the backup battery is connected to the system in industrial applications. Without this unit, it is difficult to detect battery presence in real time.This unit is designed for systems with 3A max battery current. It monitors whether the low impedance of the battery is connected to the battery input terminal. If the battery is removed or the battery fuse is blown, it provides an instant alarm via a Form B relay contact. The BPM 300-F0 is connected between the battery and the battery terminal of the system. It is self-powered and does not require any further connections (2 terminals in, 2 terminals out).

The BPM 300-F0 battery presence monitor offers a wide operating input voltage range of 21V to 130Vdc, which allows operation from 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V, 110V or 125Vdc nominal input sources. The charge or load current is 3A.  

The unit generates a very low amount of heat, so convection cooling is sufficient, even at operating temperatures higher than 50°C. The chassis-mount unit is ruggedized and conformal coated, and measures 86 x 48 x 155mm.

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