BeBop Sensors Releases Patented Intelligent Sensing Technologies


Smart Fabric Sensors Will Change the Way Consumers Interact With Products & Devices

BeBop Sensors has announced a new smart fabric sensor designed for next gen human interaction.

The Note Touch reference design includes a small fabric sensing array (16x16 nodes) and a software toolkit to experiment with touch interfaces on any curved or flat surface and rapidly bring new ideas to market.  Using gestures such as taps, swipes, and multi-touch, the Note Touch reference design replaces traditional buttons, knobs, and switches, with sleek improved aesthetics and a programmable interface. 

Manufacturers can incorporate the Note Touch into existing or future products, from medical and fitness devices, seating, protective equipment, toys and consumer electronics, home automation, and more.

“For OEM’s, this means enhancing their products' usability and aesthetics by removing traditional interaction controls and replacing them with customizable smart fabric sensors - resulting in a much cleaner and sleeker appearance and next gen human interaction, not to mention accelerating time to market, shortening development cycles, and lowering costs,” said Jerry Kurtze, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at BeBop Sensors. 

BeBop’s highly customizable reference design offers a device and software toolkit to experience and build with BeBop's patented Intelligent Sensing Technology (IST).

“Our goal with Note Touch is to push the innovation envelope by inspiring technical teams and managers with endless possibilities, which could lead to possible market disruption,” Kurtze said. “These intelligent sensing technologies will revolutionize human interaction and the way people interact with their devices.”

For more information,visit their website.