BEI Kimco Magnetics' Generator Solves Challenging Application Requirements for High Shock and Vibration Capabilities



BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., recently met the challenging generator requirements in a railroad train signaling application. The generator is used to supply power to a remote brake health monitoring system. Key to the product's design specification was a generator that could deliver a continuous voltage output of 40VDC Volts DC at a speed of 10,000 rpm. Additionally, the generator needed to be extremely reliable and durable to withstand the consistently high shock and vibration levels typical of a railcar environment. To meet these requirements, BEI Kimco developed the DIH18-21-BBNA Brushless Generator, measuring 1.8" in diameter and 2.1" in axial length. The generator met the requirements to provide a constant output of 40VDC at speeds of 11,000 rpm. For improved reliability and longevity, the generator incorporated patented bearing suspension technology to absorb the relentless vibration and intense shock associated with the application. The uniquely robust "one piece" housing was designed to eliminate vulnerable attachment points. Similar technology has also been used successfully as a noise reduction feature in medical applications requiring low acoustical noise levels. Following product development, the generator was put through a series of demanding vibration and reliability qualification test protocol. "The successful completion of the tests is a testament to the robustness of the BEI design," says Walter Smith, Application Engineer.