Bel Magnetic Solutions' Marvell-Compatible 10GBASE-T ICMs



Bel Magnetic Solutions introduces a line of Marvell compatible 10GBASE-T MagJack ICMs. These 10GBASE-T ICMs are ideal for customers looking to upgrade their product performance for maximum speed over twisted pair copper cables, up to ten times over standard Gigabit Ethernet technology. Bel Magnetic Solutions’ Marvell compatible 10GBASE-T ICMs are designed for customers using the latest Marvell 10GBASE-T Ethernet PHYs, including the 88E2xxx and 88E3xxx series silicon.

They are backward compatible with existing Ethernet networks and are increasingly popular for next-generation 5G cellular applications, 5G small cell radio devices, high-speed PCIe network interface cards, low density, non-PoE 10GBASE-T Ethernet switches, high-end servers, storage area networks, and cloud computing.

Industry-standard footprints and pinouts allow drop-in replacements for 1GBASE-T products, with no PCB changes needed. Common part numbers: Bel Magnetic Solutions 1x1 ICM - G10-1GHN-056 2x1 ICM - G23-21YR-010 TRP Connector 1x1 ICM - 2250337-1 Marvell compatible 10GBASE-T MagJack ICMs are in stock with Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark and Farnell.

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