Bergquist to introduce Liqui-Form 2000 at Electronica 2012



Click image to enlarge: Liqui-Form 2000

Being introduced at Electronica 2012, the first product in Bergquist's new Liqui-Form line, Liqui-Form 2000 is a highly conformable shear-thinning material which requires no curing, mixing, or refrigeration. The product's formulation delivers excellent thermal performance, low applied stress, and a reliable long-term performance for the most demanding applications. ?Liqui-Form 2000 is thixotropic and has a natural tack to ensure it forms around the components and stays in place in the application. Unlike traditional pre-cured gap filling materials, liquid offers infinite thickness options. It also eliminates the need for specific pad thicknesses or die-cut shapes for individual applications. Precise amounts of Liqui-Form 2000 can be applied directly to the target surface, resulting in less waste and a more effective use of the material.?? During extensive laboratory testing, Liqui-Form 2000 provided consistent and reliable thermal performance. This gap filling material is ideal for fragile assemblies or for filling intricate air gaps between electrical components. Liqui-Form 2000 is available in 30 cc or 600 cc cartridges and 5 gallon pail form, which makes this material well-suited for either manual or automated dispensing. The Liqui-Form product line from Bergquist will eventually encompass higher and lower viscosity materials. Visit Bergquist at Electronica 2012 Hall A2, Stand 248. Bergquist Liqui-Form video