Bespoke LED backlights in five days with minimal set up costs


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OMC's unique Profiled LED backlight technology speeds product design; wide colour range

OMC, the pioneer in optoelectronics - LED lighting, backlighting and industrial fibre optic transmission components - is introducing a fast turn around, custom LCD backlighting service using its proprietary LED Profiled backlight technology. Complementing a standard product range which numbers over 250 different sizes, OMC can turn around samples of bespoke-shaped backlight designs in as little as five working days, and set up costs start as low as £50. OMC's backlights offer very consistent illumination across the entire display. Uniquely, they can feature single or dual chip LEDs, allowing them to suit a very wide range of available supply voltages, while tailoring the design to the optimal performance versus cost point. Backlights are also available in full RGB and blue/white colours in addition to the standard traditional red, green and yellow colours. More OMC works with its customers at the design stage to simplify module design and assembly costs by integrating assembly aids into the backlights. OMC's Profiled backlight technology - which was awarded the UK National Component Award for Innovation - is often the only viable option for small to medium volume (under 10,000 pieces) requirements, claims OMC's commercial director, William Heath. "Our manufacturing capability - which also includes moulded backlights for higher volumes - enables the designer to choose the most appropriate technology for his application, and our fast sample turn-around service allows rapid product development at the design stage."