B&K Precision Modular DC Electronic Loads Available from TestEquity



­TestEquity announced today that it has added the MDL4U series Modular DC Electronic Loads to its product offering. The addition of the MDL4U series will allow TestEquity to expand its product line from a company that has built a strong level of trust in the industry.

Because B&K Precision’s own engineers both design and use the equipment they manufacture, they have a very direct and personal commitment to producing the most well-designed products on the market. The engineering and design teams at B&K work tirelessly to improve their current products and continue to innovate on new products to meet the constant evolution of industry demands.

One of the most high-quality and innovative B&K product lines to date, the MDL4U series Modular DC Electronic Loads come equipped with all the premium features that engineers require. Across the lineup, the following are just a few of the features and specifications for these electronic loads:

  • Power range up to 2400 W
  • Voltage range up to 500 V
  • Current range up to 120 A
  • Utilize parallel architecture
  • Fast transient mode speed
  • LAN, GPIB, USB, and RS232 interfaces included standard

There are a total of seven different programmable modules available ranging from 200 W to 600 W in power. Up to eight channels are available in total thanks to the dual-channel modules offered in the MDL4U. For high-power single-channel modules, up to 2400 W of total power is available. With an optional mainframe extension, up to 16-channels can be supported for a total of 4800 W.

The seven different MDL4U series models offered are:

  • MDL4U200
  • MDL4U252
  • MDL4U302
  • MDL4U305
  • MDL4U400
  • MDL4U505
  • MDL4U600

All models of B&K Precision’s MDL4U Electronic Loads are currently in stock now and ready to ship from TestEquity