Bob Mammano Shares Power Design Tips with You

Christine Young, Blogger, Maxim Integrated



Bob Mammano

Designing power supplies is becoming more challenging, as electronic products are expected to deliver richer functionality in increasingly smaller form factors. Fortunately, Bob Mammano, the father of the first switch-mode power supply, is here to help.

Mammano teamed up with technical experts at Maxim to present a three-part, online Power System Design Seminar, sharing techniques for developing smaller, simpler, and cooler power designs.

Watch the whole series, or segments of interest, to deepen your expertise in these areas:

· Designing with 24V+ non-isolated DC-DC buck regulators

o Switching regulators

o Control algorithms in switching regulators

o Synchronous switching regulators

o Design of filter components

o Layout considerations

· Designing with 24+ isolated DC-DC power supplies

o Eliminating optocouplers for isolated DC-DC designs

o Practical design considerations for an iso-buck converter

o Practical design considerations for a no-opto flyback converter

· Protecting your power system design

o System protection principles

o Specifications of protection ICs

Catch the Power System Design Seminar from the convenience of any web-enabled device, and learn ways to develop better power supplies.