Bridgetek Strengthens PanL System In Order to Explore New Opportunities in Smart Homes & Beyond



Bridgetek continues to expand on the scope of its pioneering PanL system level solutions, adding new hardware that will accelerate the implementation of ‘intelligent spaces’ within a broad spectrum of different sectors. These will include domestic, retail, hospitality, enterprise and utilities, right through to factory automation, agriculture and medicine.


The whole premise of the PanL platform is to eliminate the need for separate isolated systems and enable integrated smart environments to be created where each of the constituent elements can be controlled through one all-encompassing human machine interface (HMI). This means that the user experience is far better and the frustration of needing to deal with numerous control apps can be avoided.


Central to the platform is the PanLHub. This takes care of the networking aspect and facilitates bridging between the user and connected intelligent devices. It supports data transfer across an extensive array of different popular interface options - including an array of RS485 ports, plus Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Z-Wave, Zigbee, PoE-enabled Ethernet (100Base-T) and popular smart light control standards (such as DALI and Philips Hue). It has the capacity to connect over 100 different devices through a combination of wired and wireless methods.


Complementing the original 3.5” wall-mountable display PanL35 unit (which was introduced earlier this year) with its heavy duty enclosure for use in industrial settings, the new PanL35 has a stylish, aesthetically-enhanced design that is better suited to the home/office environment. This makes it suitable for a wider range of deployment possibilities where visual impact proves to be an important factor.


Then there is the scaled up PanL70. This features a large (7” format) full colour TFT display with 800x480 pixel resolution, 450cd/m2 output and a capacitive touchscreen. The PanL70 PLUS version, which has also just been announced, has built-in RFID functionality that can be customised for time and attendance, secure entry, or logistic applications.


In addition to these items is PanLRelay. This is a switch that can be used for controlling the mains power supplied to all manner of domestic appliances and other forms of equipment via an RS485 serial interface.


Through PanL, the user gains access to a single, intuitive touch-enabled HMI that can cover all aspects of smart automation, with the ability to render compelling graphical content (including animation and video playback). This presents the user with simple and intuitive operation via one common control interface. Purpose-built APIs support interfacing via tablets/smartphones.


At the foundation of Bridgetek’s PanL technology is a combination of the company’s FT900 series of 32-bit performance optimised microcontroller units (MCUs) and its multi-award winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controller ICs.