Brown and Caldwell Bolsters Utility Optimization Services


Firm achieves certification to assist clients with asset valuation growth strategies

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — Brown and Caldwell has strengthened its reliability-centered design and maintenance expertise by entering a Network Partner agreement with Aladon.

Aladon is a renowned global network of asset reliability professionals certified in the delivery of risk and reliability-based methodologies. Its practices help clients increase asset value; reduce operating and maintenance costs; and improve safety, reliability, and productivity.

In becoming a partner, Brown and Caldwell’s Liz Minyard, integrated project delivery owner advisor, and Simon Watson, senior utility performance consultant, successfully achieved Aladon Practitioner certification for Reliability-Centered Design (RCD) and Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM3TM) services. Their training comprised a rigorous learning and testing process providing the skills required to promote, train, and implement Aladon’s risk-based reliability methodologies.

RCM3TM is a process to determine what must be done on existing or new assets, including maintenance, engineering, operational, and other failure management policies, to ensure an asset or system continues to fulfill its function within tolerable risk levels as defined in an organization’s asset management system.

RCD methodology provides tools and a holistic approach to failure management that is applied during design phases to proactively mitigate operational risks. It assesses engineering designs for reliability in addition to optimizing equipment availability to support the success of new projects through risk-based evaluation and management strategies.

Adopting RCD and RCM together leads to improved resource planning, forecasting, maintenance planning, execution, and the implementation of asset life-cycle failure management strategies.

Network partnership and RCD/RCM certification is a key differentiator for Brown and Caldwell explains Watson:

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