Bulgin connectors now offer higher voltage ratings for 277V applications



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Bulgin Components, a brand of Elektron Technology, has uprated its popular Standard Buccaneer range of IP68-rated environmentally sealed circular connectors with higher voltage ratings. The two, three, four, six and seven pole versions have been uprated from the original 250V to 277V. This upgrade extends the ranges suitability into commercial and industrial applications, such as overhead lighting and high power equipment. The Standard Buccaneer model comes in seven different body styles, including flex, in-line flex, front and rear panel, PCB, bulkhead and flange mount and is available in two, three, four, six, seven, nine, 12 and 25 poles. The wide range of body styles lends the standard Buccaneer to being a versatile connector for many applications. Ratings range from 1A/50V to 12A/277Vac/dc. Cable acceptance ranges from 3.5mm to 9mm overall diameter, whilst the connectors simple construction ensures ease of assembly without the need for special tooling. Accessories include sealing caps, insulation boots, cable support accessories and rear of panel-mounting backshells, providing a rear of panel seal to the panel-mounting connectors in this range. The Standard Buccaneer carries UL, CSA and VDE approvals. Stuart Hutchings, Marketing Manager, Bulgin Components comments: "The Standard Buccaneer connector has developed a enviable reputation for providing safe and secure connections in diverse applications where the ingress of dust and water is inherent. By uprating to 277V we are expanding the connectors' suitability for a range of non-residential and industrial overhead lighting and high power equipment applications, which use a 277V phase to ground system. This is particularly applicable in the North America market where this form of 3 phase sytem is commonly used." About Bulgin Components Bulgin is one of the electronics industry's longest-established brands. Drawing on this vast experience and expertise, Bulgin designs and manufactures a range of electro-mechanical components for power connectivity, circuit protection and environmentally sealed products including: battery holders; IP68 Buccaneer connectors; IEC mains connectors; Polysnap modular mains connectors; EMI mains filters; fuseholders; indicators and switches. The company has a proud heritage of product engineering and has contemporary manufacturing capabilities strategically located on three continents, combined with a worldwide sales and support network for a local response. In recent years Bulgin has used its engineering expertise, application knowledge and IP to offer the customisation of products for bespoke customer applications. This flexibility means Bulgin now delivers added value well beyond the traditional supply of standard off-the-shelf components. Bulgin is part of Elektron Technology plc. www.bulgin.co.uk