Bulgin Updates Data Connectivity Product Offering


Bulgin is constantly revising and modifying its data connectivity suite with updates to the specifications of interconnect products on a regular basis

This ensures that they remain aligned with the latest standards and protocols. This means that customers have access to industry-leading solutions that support elevated data transfer rates and deliver superior levels of signal integrity.

Bulgin’s data connectivity suite includes the following key products:

● The Fiber 4000 Series of simplex and Fiber 6000 Series of duplex circular connectors. Both of these series are suitable for outside broadcast, avionics, FTTX and marine applications, with polyamide molding and IP66, IP68 and IP69K rated seals. They utilize Bulgin’s proprietary 30° locking mechanism and have a rugged construction.

● The also highly robust PXP4040 USB Type C connectors, which are available with a wide variety of different cable length options. They support 2-lane USB4 Gen 3 operation (enabling 40Gbps data rates over a distance of 0.8m).

● The PX0896/7/8 Series of CAT 6 connectors, which can be supplied with single-ended and doubled-ended Ethernet cabling, as well as in wire-end options.

All of these connectors have a lightweight but heavy-duty design and leverage in-house innovations that Bulgin has made in relation to their constituent materials. Their long-term operational reliability is totally assured, even when placed into the most challenging of application settings.

In situations where a bespoke interconnect design is required, Bulgin’s Rapid Response Team can provide highly optimized custom solutions.