Busway System Ideal for Mission-Critical Applications


Busway Power Distribution Runs Just Got Easier to Install and More Efficient to Maintain

RICHMOND, Va.  -- Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI) announced the availability of its new 600 Amp and 1000 Amp PowerWave 2 Busway System. The PDI PowerWave 2 Busway System is ideal for data center/mission critical, retail, industrial, higher education markets and any facility where flexible power distribution is critical. The PowerWave 2 Busway System uses the highest quality materials with unmatched flexibility and design. In addition, PDI is introducing an IP2X system, ensuring complete isolation and simplified installation.

The #1 choice for industry-leading busway power distribution just got better with:

  • An open-channel design that allows for limitless positioning of the tap-off-box units.
  • An innovative PowerWave 2 CouplerTek Technology enabling deployment with standard installation tools.
  • Enhanced configuration, allowing the PowerWave 2 to be deployed in 250, 400, 600, 800, and 1,000 Amp systems.
  • Increased safety by using an IP2X, finger-safe rated, continuous busway system to protect installers from live busrail conductors.

In addition, PDI’s busway end-feed monitoring solution simplifies measurement validation, alarm management, maintenance, and repairs.

For more information, please visit www.pdicorp.com.