Cabinet Busway Series Designed for Flexible Power Distribution in Server Cabinets



Canonsburg, Pennsylvania – Starline has released the Cabinet Busway Series of the Plug-In Raceway product line. This new series can accommodate high density power requirements within server cabinets while also encompassing the main benefits of the Starline brand: product customization and flexibility.

“We are excited to now offer a solution for inside the cabinet that will help address changing power requirements, legacy and varying equipment loads, and high-power devices. With Cabinet Busway, the benefits of our Starline Track Busway product have now been extended into the rack,” stated Mark Swift, director of marketing for Universal Electric Corporation.

The Starline Cabinet Busway Series can provide up to 3-phase, 63 amp power through 480Vac. Installed in your cabinet or rack, each system unit comes with a corded plug and modular backplane where you have the ability to select the plug-in units to meet the equipment needs of servers, storage arrays, network gear, or other devices installed in the cabinet. The plug-in unit modules can be custom designed with a variety of options for receptacles, circuit breakers, module sizes and colors. The plug-in units can be easily changed over time, as the need for power within that particular cabinet changes. The Cabinet Busway Series also offers optional metering functionality for those interested in monitoring and improving their energy efficiency.

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