Caddock Releases Ultra-Precision Voltage-Monitoring Networks



Caddock Electronics is pleased to announce Type VMN Voltage Monitoring Resistor Networks for applications that need superior Transient Tolerant capability – while maintaining precision voltage divider performance. These precision voltage divider networks are designed for use in the voltage measurement circuits of Power Quality Monitoring Equipment, Kilowatt-Hour Meters, and other Power and Energy Measurement Equipment, where precision electrical-service voltage monitoring is required. Custom Type VMN Networks are available with Total Resistance from 1 Megohm to 10 Megohm; Voltage Divider Ratio from 100:1 to 1000:1; Ratio Tolerance from 0.01% to 1%; and Ratio Temperature Coefficientfrom 2 ppm/°C to 25 ppm/°C.

  • Total Resistance: 2 Megohm or 5 Megohm
  • Voltage Divider Ratio: 400:1 or 500:1
  • Ratio Temp. Coeff: 5 ppm/°C or 10 ppm/°C
  • Ratio Tolerance: 0.02% or 0.1%
  • Operating Voltage: up to 900 Volts AC rms
  • BIL Surge: 10 kV (1.2/50 microsecond waveform)

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