Campbell Collins Introduce a Series of 1A, 9ns Hyperfast Rectifiers Ideally Suited for Aerospace Applications



Campbell Collins Ltd, a specialist supplier of power supplies, capacitors and hi-rel power semiconductors, is pleased to announce the availability of a new range of hyperfast, soft recovery, nanospeed & nanosize rectifiers from SSDI of La Mirada, California. The 1A, 9nsec Hyper Fast SHF1100 & SHF1150 series offer voltage ratings of 100V and 150V respectively. With its void free glass ceramic package, this innovative new series of rectifiers provides a more rugged construction than similar 1N6642 rectifiers. Further, in addition to its faster recovery time, the SHF1150 is also lighter than 1N5806 rectifiers. With advantages over these two traditional rectifiers, the SHF1100-1150 series offers a brand new high reliability solution to meet the most demanding program needs. Both devices are offered either in an axial leaded package or a surface mount square tab package for ease of manufacture, and utilise high temperature metallurgical category 1 bonds and solid silver leads. Designed for high efficiency applications, the devices offer forward voltages of 0.5-0.975V (dependant on load) and have an operating temperature range of -65°C to +175°C. Together with the demonstrated radiation tolerance of these devices (tested up to 200kgy), this also makes them ideally suited for Space applications. The devices will be made available in single phase, three phase and diode array configurations. Screening is available to TX, TXV and S-Level requirements, and samples are available on request from Campbell Collins for qualified opportunities.