Campbell Collins Offer Fully Regulated Alternatives to Unregulated or Semi-Regulated Bus Converters



Campbell Collins Ltd, a specialist supplier of power supplies, capacitors and hi-rel power semiconductors, is pleased to announce the availability of the new range of Energy Optimized Intermediate Bus Converters from Ericsson Power Modules of Sweden. Based on a digital core controller embedding an energy efficiency optimiser algorithm, the BMR453 and BMR454 devices offer Fully Regulated outputs at power levels and efficiencies usually only associated with Un-Regulated or Semi-Regulated Bus Converters. The industry standard "five-pin" pin-out and fractional brick footprints are maintained throughout, which allow for smooth migration from other Bus Converter solutions. The BMR453 packs up to 396W (or 60A) into a Quarter Brick package measuring just 57.9mm x 36.8mm, and is available either as an open frame package for low profile, convection cooled applications, or mounted with a baseplate for conduction cooling to a suitable heatsink or cold wall. Factory preset output voltages are available from 3V to 13V, and efficiencies are as high as 96%. In addition, the Eighth Brick BMR454 offers up to 240W (or 40A) in a 58.4mm x 22.7mm package with similar performance figures. Both families accept the Telco standard 2:1 Input Voltage range of 36-75V, and have a standard operating temperature range of -40degC to +125degC (case). Safety features such as Over Current, Over Voltage and Over Temperature protection are included, as well as continuous Short Circuit protection. An energy saving Remote On/Off function is also included as standard.