CamSemi C2172 controller wins NMI low power design award



CamSemi wins NMI low power design award

CamSemi’s recently launched C2172 next generation Primary Side Sensing controller (PSS) has been named as overall winner in the ‘Low Power Green Design of the Year’ category at the 2013 NMI Electronics Systems Awards.

The new C2172 controller is helping manufacturers to develop the industry’s lowest cost and most energy-efficient ‘universal’ USB chargers for mobile consumer applications rated to 7.5 W and was recognised by the judges as a breakthrough in ‘tackling no-load power consumption’. C2172 uses the company’s recently patented advanced bipolar drive scheme, coupled with power-saving innovations to deliver no-load power consumptions well below 30 mW, as well as simpler circuits to save system and manufacturing costs.

Speaking at the event Derek Boyd, CEO of UK electronics trade organisation NMI, said: “We are delighted to announce that the winner is CamSemi for their C2172 controller, the first of a new generation of controllers to exploit advances in the company’s patented technology enabling ultra-low no-load power consumption.”

This latest award was presented at an event held yesterday with over 400 guests at the Millennium Hotel, London. The photograph below shows (from left to right): NMI CEO Derek Boyd; Mark Muegge, VP engineering & marketing at CamSemi with David Baillie CEO; and Gabriel Lezmi from Synopsys, the company sponsoring the category.

Low power design is one of 15 award categories and recognises innovative and novel semiconductor designs – both SoC and IP - that significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising end-user functionality. The scope included battery-powered, tethered (USB) and mains-powered applications and is sponsored by EDA vendor, Synopsys.

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