CamSemi offers a new PSS flyback controller


A low-cost approach for offline applications above 8 W

CamSemi C2183 PSS controller

CamSemis new PSS (primary-side sensing) flyback controller offers a reduction in system cost and component count for higher power applications, as well as excellent light load and standby efficiency performance. The C2183 is well suited for universal-input-charger and -adapter applications such as SOHO switches, routers, and other networking products rated above 8 W that require high-performance voltage and current regulation. Other target applications include media tablets, set-top boxes, and power tools. The C2183's light-load performance enable manufacturers to more easily meet the 50% reduction in product standby-power consumption EC 1275/2008 tier two requires and any increased efficiency requirements potentially resulting from the US DOE's current rule making review, but with system-level costs that are lower than current competitive approaches. CamSemi's new PSS controller also requires fewer and lower-cost external components and operates at up to 100 kHz to further shrink product form factors. The C2183 incorporates many of the same key design benefits of CamSemi's novel PSS technology that have helped the company to secure multiple design wins in its core markets and to become a leading supplier to many of the world's top networking and consumer electronics brands. Features include: highly accurate current and voltage regulation, quasiresonant switching to improve efficiency and reduce EMI, excellent load-transient performance requiring minimum output capacitance, and a full set of protection features. "We have launched CamSemi's new C2183 controller to further strengthen our position in the higher power universal charger and adapter market and to help manufacturers more easily comply with the latest industry standards on efficiency. At the same time we have also incorporated some novel ways to significantly reduce system costs compared with competitive solutions," said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi. Samples of C2183 in a SOT23-6 package are available now. CamSemi product datasheet deeplink