CamSemi's C2172PX8 empowers low-cost USB chargers for smartphones



CamSemi has announced the first in a series of planned new products that will extend the company's recently launched C2170 family of next generation Primary Side Sensing (PSS) controllers into higher power markets. The new C2172PX8 PSS controller targets low cost, MoU-compliant USB chargers for smartphones, tablets and other universal input applications rated to 7.5 W, whereas the first two C2170 controllers launched in June are optimised for applications to 4 W and 6.5 W. The new C2172PX8 controller combines the company's recently patented bipolar transistor (BJT) drive scheme, advanced PSS technology and several power-saving techniques to help manufacturers develop ultra low cost, more energy-efficient BJT-based solutions. These approaches enable simpler circuits with reduced component counts and system costs but with significant performance and manufacturing advantages over competitive approaches. CamSemi's improved drive technology boosts switching performance and delivers higher active mode efficiency, greater product robustness from more Reverse Bias Safe Operating Area (RBSOA) margin and the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of low cost BJTs for further cost savings. C2172PX8 also offers ‘best in class' voltage regulation of +/- 2% and current regulation of +/- 3% allowing more margin for thermal design; no-load power consumption is well below 30 mW; and IC power consumption and design have been optimised to enable fast start of 500 ms but without needing the extra cost, space and complexity of an active start-up switch. "CamSemi's new C2170 family of PSS controllers set a new benchmark for more ‘cost-efficient' USB chargers and will help strengthen the company's strong sales and existing leadership position in the mobile phone charger market. While the C2172PX8 extends the target applications to 7.5 W, we continue to develop this superior approach to driving BJTs for yet higher power and efficiency and expect to introduce further products over the next few months," said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi. C2172PX8 is packaged in surface mount SOP8, samples are available now. CamSemi