CapXon's LE series electrolytic caps offer high reliability and ultra-long life in LED apps


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CapXon LE series electrolytic capacitors

CapXon's LE series of electrolytic capacitors provide high reliability and ultra-long life in LED lighting applications. Available in the UK from Components Bureau, the products operate over an extended temperature range of -40 to +105˚C making them suitable for LED drivers powering outdoor lighting applications. This series offers a longer life alternative to the FL series used in electronic lighting ballasts and energy saving luminaires.

At 105˚C ambient temperatures, the capacitors have lifetimes of 12,000 hours for 6.3 x 11mm, 8 x 9mm and 10 x 9mm case sizes, 15,000 hours for 8 x 11.5mm and 10 x 12.5mm and 20,000 hours for case sizes 10 x 16mm or larger.

The radial mount series is available in industry standard capacitance values ranging from 1 to 68µF, with rated voltages of 160V, 200V, 250V, 400V and 450Vdc. Ripple current ratings of up to 1,300mA (rms at 105˚C at 100kHz) are available, and maximum low temperature impedance ratios range from 8 to 12 depending upon the capacitor voltage rating.

The LE series capacitors are available now, with low minimum order quantities. Samples are available upon request.

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