CAS DataLoggers and Lascar introduce an AC/DC millivolt data logger with current clamp input



CAS DataLoggers and Lascar are proud to introduce an affordable AC and DC Millivolt Data Logger compatible with AC and DC current clamps. Featuring a current clamp input and 4mm banana plug inputs, the logger's USB interface enables quick setup and data download. A very useful device for electrical engineers who want a portable metering solution, this new device is now available for about $150. When used with a current clamp, the new data logger measures and stores up to 127,232 AC and DC current readings over a 0 to 1000 amp DC measurement range (0 to 723 amps for AC). In Energy Monitoring mode, this data is converted into power, cumulative energy (using a user-defined voltage value) and cumulative cost (using a user-supplied energy unit cost). The logger's AC and DC millivolt measurement mode allows for direct measurement of voltage up to 1V DC (700mV AC). The high contrast 4-digit LCD shows a variety of current, power, energy and cost information. At the touch of a button, users can cycle between the most recent, maximum and minimum measurement values. The LCD also displays battery status, alarm indicators and measurement units. Users can choose among immediate, delayed and push-to-start logging modes, and it's easy to configure custom alarm thresholds. The standalone data logger measures and stores up to 127,000 AC or DC current readings. Users can set logging rates anywhere between once a second and once every 12 hours. The Lascar data logger is fitted with 2 replaceable AA batteries and won't lose its stored readings when the battery is discharged or replaced. The meter's USB interface makes it easy to configure the logger and quickly retrieve the data using the included Mini-B to A USB cable. FREE EasyLog USB control software is also supplied with each data logger. Easy to install and use, this software runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7. Using an intuitive wizard format to guide the user through setup of the data logger and subsequent download of collected data, the software puts the 'easy' into EasyLog. The user can easily set up the logger and view the collected data by just plugging the data logger into a PC's USB port. The software also has provision for a clamp scaling factor (the clamp input-output ratio of amps to millivolts). After downloading the data, users can graph, print and export stored data to other applications such as Excel. CAS DataLoggers