CDM Electronics Now Stocks the Latest Generation of Eaton's Micro-Military Circular Connectors



Ruggedized Connectors Deliver Unparalleled Performance in Mission-Critical Military and Aerospace Applications

CDM Electronics, a premier authorized distributor of electronic connectors and cables, is the availability of the latest generation of Eaton's Micro-Military Circular Connector Series with shell diameters as small as 0.43” (11 mm).  The feature-packed series consists of fast-mating M1 (dual-start) and M5 (triple-start) connectors optimized for harsh environment applications ranging from C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) to space flight.  While meeting all MIL-DTL-38999 performance and environmental requirements, the newly augmented parts are now 40% smaller, 50% lighter weight, and provide higher contact densities than conventional MIL-DTL-3899 connectors. They additionally incorporate redundant retainers and an epoxy bond to prevent insert movement within the shell.  Eaton's full Micro-Military Circular Connector Series is in stock and offered online from CDM.  A cross reference guide is also provided on the CDM website. Parts are intermateable with micro-miniature connectors from other manufactures. 

The micro-military circular connectors are delivered with application-specific performance modifications that include compliance to NASA low volatile condensable materials per ASTM E595.  They meet MIL-STD-810 for water immersion; pin and socket crimp contacts meet MIL-C-39029. Connector’s newly developed high-density and application-specific insert patterns and proprietary coupling mechanisms further ensure robust interconnect engagement in high shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuation environments.  

Specifically engineered to meet or exceed the stringent mechanical and electrical requirements of essentially all harsh-environment military and aerospace applications, Eaton’s ruggedized connectors are ideally suited for military aircraft avionics, countermeasures, and weapons systems, as well as for commercial and private aircraft avionics, engine management systems, and in-flight entertainment. They are equally appropriate in space flight applications, missiles, and missile defense systems, along with air, land, and marine unmanned systems. Devices may additionally be specified in various C4ISR systems, including tactical communications radios, adapters, and accessories

The circular connectors are now optimized for overmolding and supplied in shell sizes ranging from 6 to 12 with 1 to 26 contacts per connector. Dual-start M1 parts allow full mating in 1.5 turns, whereas triple-start M5 parts fully mate in 1 turn.  Their copper alloy, gold plated #23 AWG contacts are rated 5 Amps each with a contact retention of 15 lbs.; #16 AWG contacts are rated 13 Amps each with a contact retention of 25 lbs.  M1 and M5 parts featuremating/unmating cycles of 2000 and 500 cycles, respectively.  Their insulation resistance (IR) is 5000 megaohms minimum.  Connectors are offered as plugs and receptacles in inline, jam nut, and square flange formats. Their aluminum shells may be ordered with RoHS-compliant electroless nickel or in cadmium/olive drab finishes, rated to withstand 500 hours of salt spray.