CellBounce Uses SiTime MEMS in Cellular Bridge Solution


Elite Platform Super-TCXO Provides Best-in-Class Stability

SiTime Corporation announced that CellBounce, a division of ADT, has chosen the SiTime Elite Platform Super-TCXO for its 3G-to-4G conversion solution that is certified for use on the AT&T 4G cellular network.

SiTime MEMS-based Elite Super-TCXOs achieve an all-inclusive ±250 ppb frequency stability over ten years, which is 10x better than existing solutions. This performance provides many benefits – eliminating a calibration step in production testing, optimizing network bandwidth utilization, and reducing operating costs by eliminating run-time field calibration.

CellBounceis a plug-and-play conversion technology designed to solve one of the home security industry’s biggest logistical challenges in the next year and a half. Many home security customers with 3G radios in their security panels can receive and utilize the CellBounce device, similar to a smart plug, by simply plugging it into a power outlet near their security panel to enable continued cellular connection well beyond the 3G sunset.

To learn more, visit SiTime's website.